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Reschedule Appointment

Unfortunately there is not an easy reschedule feature built into this software, we're going to make you work for it!
To reschedule an appointment, you first have to cancel your existing appointment and then sign up for a new appointment.

Follow these steps to reschedule an appointment:

1. Click the "Your Stuff" tab at the top
2. Scroll down to your "Upcoming Schedule" and click on your appointment
3. Scroll down and then click the red cancelation button.
4. Click on the "Sign Up for Stuff" tap at the top
5. Click on the appropriate service
6. Select your date and time and click enroll and then finalize your appointment
7. Voila, you're rescheduled!

You will be able to confirm your upcoming appointments by clicking on the "Your Stuff" tab at the top.

You can also call us at 512-778-0280 to reschedule.