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Initial Consultation and Evaluation for Training


This appointment is free of charge and is designed for dogs 16 weeks and older, are completely vaccinated and healthy, and have been living with you in your home for two weeks or more. This appointment is necessary before enrolling in any of our dog training obedience programs (this does not apply to snake avoidance training).

Our consultations and evaluations are designed to give you as much information as possible that is relevant to you and your dog. During the visit we meet with you and your dog, discuss your current state of training, review your specific training goals, and get to know a little about your dog’s personality. We will discuss our training options in more detail, show you our dogs so you have a full understanding of what to expect when working with us, and of course, answer any questions you may have.

You will be asked for your email address and then to create a password during the registration process so you have account access to reschedule/change your appointment if needed. More scheduling features will be unlocked if/when you decide to train with us, you will also login using these credentials.

If you are having problems using this scheduler, would rather schedule by speaking to a person, or do not see a date and time that works for you, please give us a call at 512-778-0280 and we will do our best to accommodate you.

This appointment will be held at our training center in Leander. Our address is 15300 Hero Way West in Leander, TX 78641.

**If an appointment slot is already at capacity, you have the option of enrolling yourself on the waitlist for that particular appointment. Being on the waitlist will put you in line to be notified if a confirmed client cancels their appointment but is not an actual appointment. Because a waitlist appointment is not confirmed, there is no need to come here and see if you get in as we do not want to waste your time. If you dont receive a notification of your appointment switching to officially enrolled, a spot did not open up. Since we have no way of knowing if or when a confirmed client will cancel, you are also welcome to enroll yourself in a confirmed appointment slot in addition to being on the waitlist.**