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Snake Avoidance Training - 1 Dog

$100Purchase required to enroll

The snake avoidance process involves using LIVE Rattlesnakes, Copperheads and Water Moccasins that have been rendered harmless by removing the fangs and taping the mouth shut so the safety of your dog can be ensured. Using real snakes is absolutely the best way to mimic a real-life encounter.

Under the supervision of a trained professional, the dogs are introduced to the sound, smell and sight of the snakes. At a precise moment the dog alerts and shows an interest on these senses, heavy pressure is applied with an e-collar. The pressure from the e-collar is immediately let off when the dog turns away from the dangerous snake. The dogs associate the snake with delivering the correction and learn that looking at the snake is bad and getting away from the snake is great!

The dogs will be handled by the trainer and entire process takes about 10 minutes. To help further ensure your dog’s safety, it is also recommended to vaccinate your animals with the Rattlesnake vaccine and get snake avoidance training every year.

The cost for the Snake Avoidance Seminar is $100 per dog (the fee includes all 3 snakes) and is open to Unleashed Unlimited clients and non-clients, as well as rescue groups, hunting dogs, and all household pet dogs.

Our next snake avoidance clinic will be held on Saturday, August 14, 2021 from 7am until 12pm at Unleashed Unlimited, our address is below:

Unleashed Unlimited

15300 Hero Way West

Leander, TX 78641


Please click the date below and then select your desired time frame. If the time slot is still available, you will see a blue enroll button under the price of the course. If the time frame you selected is sold out, you will see a grey contact us button under the price of the course. Please select a different time range that is available.

In order to reduce wait times, everyone is asked to please arrive sometime during the time frame that you selected during your registration. Arriving early will not guarantee an early entrance.

Cancellation policy
FRIENDLY REMINDER: As noted on the sign up page, refunds can not be given for cancelations or no-shows. If you are unable to attend this event, we will gladly credit your attendance for our NEXT seminar. Our seminars are held twice a year - April and August. Thank you for your understanding.